First article – how we started CriuVideoProduction

I started with a passion for video and edited content.The beginnig was a long road of plans and dreams, but I never gave up and in 2016 I had the opportunity to access a financing program with European funds and so I could achive the most advanced PC systems for 4k editing, professional video cameras and accessories.But the most important and expensive equipment is the Inspire 2 drone with some essential accessories.

And that was the moment when the story began.

As we know, every beginning is difficult, but with passion, ambition, perseverance, optimism, every dream can become reality. And I use to dream big dreams and videography is my biggest dream. With a high performance equipment is easier to realise good quality videos and with a good and large experience in this domain, I was able to gain my customers trust by realizing high quality video production for them.   


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